How to Choose the Perfect Bathing Suit

Summer is here and we, girls want to look our best while lounging at the beach or by the pool. There are millions guides online which type of suit suits best different body types. Yet, those advices are not carved in stone and don’t take them at their face value. The beach is not a church or a work place, here you really can’t get it wrong; after all the goal is to have fun in the sun. Yet, there are few points that you should take into consideration while choosing a bathing suit:

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Choose your Bathing Suit

Take your time: this might sound silly, but approach the choosing of a bathing suit as dating-you wouldn’t want to rush it and do it alone. Forget dragging your friends from store to store, do it alone. You don’t have to buy it in the first store you go into, you don’t even have to buy it on the first day of your hunt. Sleep on it and go again. Patience is virtue, perhaps you will be awarded with a sale discount if you buy it few days later;

Ditch the “granny panties”: due to hygienic reasons, you would want to try on the bottom part over your underwear. So, to avoid bulging and to really see how that suit will look on you, wear tighter underwear on the day will try on bathing suits. Choose the one that will feel most natural to you;

Toss and Turn: your Bathing Suit

Toss and turn: your bathing suit is an active wear; most probably you will be swimming, running, jumping around while wearing it. So, make sure that it is not loose and that everything will stay in place. So, while trying on, toss and turn a bit, as to make sure you wouldn’t treat your fellow beachgoers with a free striptease 😉

Mix and match: many of the fashion stores now offer an option to buy the top and the bottom part separately. Get playful with the colors and models-buy a more classic bottom section that you can combine with several more trendy top sections;

Quality of Bathing Suit

Be mindful of the quality: it might be prudent to pay extra for high-quality products. After all, the bathing suit will cover a good section of sensitive skin for several hours per day and you would want to avoid unnecessary irritations. Also, cheaper models tend to be see-through, especially the ones in brighter colors. If you are heading to the pool, bear in mind that the chlorine washes out the colors and makes fabrics thinner. So, wear an older bathing suit that you would mind getting a little bit frayed.

Keep the good stuff for the beach. A good bathing suit can last you for several seasons. So, when buying, look for a model unburdened with glitz and applications. Less is always more. Those glittery thingies wash out after the first dip in the water and if they survive the summer, the trends of next season will make them unfashionable. Opt for a classic, clean form. You can always trend it up with nice accessories, like a beach hat or wrap.

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