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Choose Some Of The Best Ski Resorts In Europe This Winter For Every Budget

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 The Best Ski Resorts In Europe This Winter

Winter is on our door sill and many are starting to plan where they will spend their winter vacation. Europe is a perfect destination when speaking about winter. The best ski resorts and most extravagant in the world are found on this land. Some of them wallet friendly, some not, but either way you will be able to enjoy skiing on some wonderful slopes and spend a great winter holiday in the best resorts located up on a certain height on the mountains enjoying in the great bird’s eye perspective on the surroundings.

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The Most Affordable of the Best Ski Resorts In Europe This Winter

Counting the average prices for the hotel, the ski rent, the price for the ski-dogs, dinner meals, and drinks in a period of seven days for a 4 member family, we’ve come with the results of what would be the most appropriate winter resorts where you can relax during the winter season, or sometime around Christmas.

If you want to spend some great time, but at the same time don’t spend a ton of money, then Bansko in Bulgaria would be the best place for you this winter since it is the most wallet-friendly of all the others mentioned below. Located up in the Pirin Mountains its popularity grew a lot in these past couple of years because of the affordable price that fits the budget of most of the families from all over Europe and the world too. Many families with a normal budget can afford to come and experience an ideal getaway vacation. A complete seven day family package may cost you around 2000 Euros here.

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The second most optimum winter holiday can be experienced in Siera Nevada, where the winter season starts from 15 December and lasts until 15 April. You can spend seven days along with the whole family for 2460 Euros only.

Following on this list is Sochi in Russia, where the 2014’s winter Olympics took place. This year won’t be that crowded and a holiday here might cost you around 2811 Euros. The beauties of this city are inevitable, and that it is a perfect place for skiing and spending a great and adventurous winter holiday proves the fact that the Olympics were held here. You will be able to ski on the same slopes where some of world’s most famous skiers passed.

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Several other cheap winter-ski-resorts got on this list too. Some of them are:

  1. Berchtesgadenin Germany;
  2. Arcalis, Ordino;
  3. Arinsal, Andorra;
  4. Formigal, Spain;
  5. Serre Chevalier in France;
  6. Soldeu, Andorra;
  7. Pas De la Casa in Andorra;

Many of these are located on some not very tall mountains, like Andora, France and Spain, where most of the winter resorts are located in the Pyrenees, which is a huge mountain range that spreads on the territory of France and Spain and actually forms one natural border between these two countries.

The Most Luxurious Ski Resorts in Europe This Winter

On the other hand the Austrian beauty, St Anton, should be avoided if your pockets are not very deep. A whole family package would cost you around 6407 Euros here for a seven day vacation. It lies on the famous Tyrolean Alps, and offers great adventures on the beautiful ski slopes and an enchanting natural sight from a whole different perspective.

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And among the other destinations that cost an arm and a leg even four are located in Switzerland and on the famous Alps.

  1. Already mentioned St Anton in Austria,
  2. Sankt Moritz in Switzerland
  3. Val d’ Isere, in France
  4. Lucerne in Switzerland
  5. Pandora Val Thorens in France
  6. Flims Laaks Falera in Switzerland
  7. Ischgl in Austria
  8. Ampezzo, Italy
  9. Verbier in Switzerland
  10. Tignes in France

You will definitely spend some luxurious time here, and fully relax thanks to the first class service that will provide all your necessities and introduce you to many daytime activities out in the fresh mountain air. You just simply need to prepare to open your wallet a bit wider before arriving there.

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Well, now, what would be this year’s decision for your perfect winter vacation? Still feel reluctant? I’m guesing not. Choose some of this best ski resorts

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