Can you Imagine Travelling From London to New York in Less than Four Hours?

The Spike Aerospace strives for one goal in future. That is: In future airplanes to be without windows. Instead of them, passengers will use special cameras that will show them the outside view. Another goal that they try to achieve in future is to create transonic airplane for 18 passengers that will fly from London to New York in less than four hours.

According their researches the airplanes without the windows will be faster. They will move with 1 367 miles per hour. The reason for this speed according them is that they won’t use windows, because their usage means to keep the balance of the pressure in the cabin. Also the plane is going to save fuel.

via cnbc

The group that is going to build this plane called c-512 will show the passengers tapes of the sky or some documents about the meetings are held in the plane and funny programs. The passengers can decide what they are going to watch by themselves. It is planned to be ready till 2018 and from that period no one plane built after that will have windows.

On the other side, some of the companies are a little bit skeptics about this idea. As they said, they are not really sure whether or not like their future planes to have no windows. Because of that, the passengers that like the windows they plan to have windows on their future created planes.

Another critic from one pilot adds that people’s fear to travel in a metal cabin with no windows that moves faster than the sound. He predicts that there will be great problems connected with the safety. He also says that windows are not only created for passengers to look out of them, but they are also used for the rescuers to see inside it.

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