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How Can We Get To Dubrovnik?

One of the main issues of travelers has always been how to get to Dubrovnik. They want to know what it is the simplest way to get there and how much do they need to spend. Next will be presented useful answers you can use the next time you go to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik can be reached by bus, ship, plane or car. You can’t get to Dubrovnik by train, the closest place to Dubrovnik you can go by train is Ploce.

Going to Dubrovnik by Bus

This town is connected with all large cities in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro by bus lines. There are also a lot of regular lines with Italy and Germany. If you want to know the precise timetable checks in the bus stations.

via flickr by Yusuke Kawasaki licensed CC BY 2.0

Going to Dubrovnik by Ship

Dubrovnik is also connected with regular ferry service with Korcula, Barim the islands of Hvar, Split and Rijeka. Also many other ships regularly go to Dubrovnik. There are also two most popular ship companies such as Jadrolinija that controls the regular ferry services in Dubrovnik and also Azzurra Line which controls the ferry service from Bari to Dubrovnik and Montenegro.

02-dubrovnik via flickr by Hans Christian Haaland licensed CC BY 2.0

Going to Dubrovnik by Plane

The quickest and most easy way to get to Dubrovnik is by plane. There are a number of companies that offer cheap flights to Dubrovnik so you can always find affordable prices. The airport is located in Cilipi outside the city. When you get off the plane you need to get taxi or bus to get to the town.

via flickr by Aero Icarus licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Going to Dubrovnik by Car

If you decide to go to Dubrovnik by car first make sure that your driving license, vehicle registration document and your green card are valid. Also bear in mind that the roads in Croatia during the summer are overcrowded especially on the border crossings. If you choose to go by car the recommended way to go is by the autobahn to Split and then from Split you should continue to Dubrovnik following the Adriatic road. The view along the Adriatic coast is breathtaking although the road can be dangerous. The trip Split- Dubrovnik takes approximately 3 to 4 hour drive. If you are not up to drive all the way you can always get your car onto a ferry in Split or Rijeka.

via flickr by Andreas Welch licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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