An Out of the Box Holiday: Top 15 Unusual Hotels (Part 2)

Gamirasu Cave Hotel (Turkey) – Sleeping in a cave can be very comfortable, according to the management of this hotel. Gamirasu has 30 rooms, and the 1.000 years old cave has been inhabited since Byzantine times. Price: 130$ per night.

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Poseidon Undersea Resort (Fiji) – Situated 12m below the sea level, you can reach this underwater resort by an elevator. It is a resort with all the feature of a five star accommodation, including the glass walls, so that you can enjoy the marine life. Price: 15.000$ per week (the price includes transport, 2 nights in a suite, snorkeling and wine tasting).

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Nine Hours, Kyoto (Japan) – The Nine Hours is a capsule hotel. The hotel itself is spacious enough, including beautiful bathrooms, but the ‘guestrooms’ are actually big capsules, equipped with all the necessary amenities, like TV, radio, lights and alarms. It is a perfect out-of-the-box hotel, unless you are claustrophobic. Price: 64$ per night.

Saugerties Lighthouse, New York (USA) – This beautiful restored lighthouse dating from 1869 is situated on the Hudson River. You can reach it by boat, and once you get there, you can enjoy the silence and peacefulness. Price: 225$ per night.


Elqui Domos Hotel (Chile) – This hotel, situated in the Elqui valley in Chile, has an elegant futuristic design. Elqui Domos is one of the seven geodesic domes, each one with rooms offering a beautiful view of the sky. There is a telescope in every room, and once you get there, you may forget you have to leave. Price: from 120$ per night.

Kadir’s Tree Houses, Olympos (Turkey) – The beautiful Turkish Riviera hides the small village of Olympos, known for the tree-house accommodation. These simple wooden bungalows are gaining ever wider popularity. Kadir owns more than a hundred bungalows and a few cabins and houses. Price: from 20$ per night.

Reve de Bisons, Rouen (France) – In the middle of France’s rural regions you can experience the ‘old American life’, surrounded by herds of buffalos. The best time to come here is July and if you are lucky, you may witness a bison being born. There is even a possibility of a canoe ride. Price: 82$ per night.

Celica Hostel, Ljubljana (Slovenia) – This hostel in Ljubljana is a former prison. The bars on the windows are still there, and the doors are heavy, but after the restoration, the rooms are much more comfortable than when they were used as prison cells. The hostel has a great location for sightseeing, and the prices are very affordable. Price: 20$ per night.

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