An Out of the Box Holiday: Top 15 Unusual Hotels (Part 1)

Whenever and wherever you decide to send your holiday, there is a huge variety of accommodation to choose from. However, if you are looking for something to spice up your holiday, you might want to check out these eccentric hotels, which will make you vacation a memorable experience:

Adrere Amellal, Siwa (Egypt) Imagine a desert palace and you’ll get the idea. The hotel is situated in the middle of the Siwa Oasis in the Sahara Desert, and is at 8 hours driving distance from Cairo. Surrounded by sand dunes, the hotel is actually 18 m below the sea level. This desert palace was constructed using only the local building materials. The price is 460$ per night for a single room.

 via eco-turizm

Chapel of Rest, Derbyshire (England) – This former chapel can be an excellent place for you if you are the type interested in contemplating his/her own mortality. The chapel is situated nearby the local cemetery and the tombstones contribute to the gloomy atmosphere. If you are interested in spending the night here, the chapel offers a double bed placed on the same spot where the altar used to be. Price: from 68$ per night.

The 1950’s Bristol Freighter, Waitomo (New Zealand) – This was one of the last planes that fought in the Vietnam War, and today it is turned into a motel. This motel can accommodate four people in the cockpit and a few more in the plane’s tale. The Bristol Freighter is situated in Woodlyn Park. Price: from 140$ for sleeping in the cockpit and from 133$ for a regular seat.

The All-American Aluminum Trailer, Arizona (USA) – You can spend the night in one of the fully renovated aluminum trailers in Arizona. Whether it is a special edition from 1951, or leopard carpeting, martini glasses, hand –crafted bar, black and white TV and the music of the day will transfer you into the past when the people wandered the open road in the search for the American dream. Price: 93$ per night.

Blow Up Hall Hotel, Poznan (Poland) – This bizarre, interactive hotel, named after the movie from 1966, allows the guests to participate in creative art projects. The hotel features 22 suites, and a beautiful collection of contemporary art pieces. There is no check-in desk or door numbers, and guests use iPhones to open the doors instead. Price: from 33$ per night.

Trullo Azzurro, Puglia (Italy) – Trullos, the small stone huts are famous throughout Puglia and Italy. Constructed with traditional techniques using no cement or mortar, trullos remind you of stone hives. Their unique construction makes them look a lot smaller than they actually are; the walls are very thick they are a great place to escape the hot summer days. Price: 750-890 per week.

 via Wikimedia Commons, By Marcok (Own work), CC-BY-SA-3.0

Swiss Customs Post, Hauterive-la-Fresse (France) – This beautiful old guesthouse is situated in the Jura Mountains. The guesthouse is also on the border of the Republic of Saugeais, a microstate with its own president, its language, and eve national anthem. Price: 110$ per night.


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