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Biggest Entertainment in Dubrovnik

Experience The Best Entertainment in Dubrovnik

Every night has its importance but the night of July 10th has special magic and importance. Dubrovnik presents the opening on the Summer Festival that you mustn’t miss it. This summer festival from 1950 has been held in the new theatre, surrounded by the renaissance architecture of the town. This festival has brought new atmosphere to the town and it has become one of the best events of entertainment in Dubrovnik.

03-Entertainment_in_Dubrovnik_Summer_Festival  image source via dubrovnik-festival

The Masquerades in Dubrovnik

Begin after the festivity of St. Blaise in the Old town. It starts in early February and has duration of tree days. In the last years this masquerade has became essential segment of the winter tourism. Stradun is the meeting place for the old and young people, visitors and locals. There are a lot of masks like clowns gypsies, hippies, punks. In this period the people just go crazy.

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The Golden Sun Casino, Hotel Rixos Libertas

If you are feeling lucky don’t miss to go to the Golden Sun Casino, which is the only casino in Dubrovnik, located in Hotel Rixos LIbertas. Here are all the big games like roulette, black jack, Caribbean poker, Texas hold’em and three cards poker.  The minimum bet range is from 2-5 euro but also it depends on the time of the day.

 image source via libertasdubrovnik.rixos

Other Cultural Entertainment in Dubrovnik

Another special festive occasion and entertainment in Dubrovnik is watching the City Brass band which has history and has been active for more than hundred and sixty years. The sounds of trampolines, trumpets, clarinets echo through the city. The bend players also wear red and blue uniforms- the colours of Dubrovnik.

 image source via tesaliadesaram

You can also participate in the night entertainment in Dubrovnik, when people go to the Old Town at Stradun and take a drink or two. Take a walk or observe the harbour at night light. The Old Town is the most visited point and the meeting point of all the people. The Old town is the most significant part of Dubrovnik because there are all the cafés, bars and pubs- the night life is located here.

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