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One of the wisest man in the world, Dalai Lama have said, “Once a year go somewhere you have never been before.” And these words are true, because with traveling, not that you discover new place, countries and cities, met new people and make new friends, taste traditional and local delicate, visit the old monuments and learn more about their heritage and history, but you will discover yourself in such a new environment between new people, customs and traditions.


Traveling is an endless journey, and you need to hit the road as often as you can, visiting new places, from exotic beaches and resorts, to small mountain villages or old cities that have a lot to offer. While traveling, you will test yourself, your own fears and limits, but the most important is that you will be richer person, richer with friends and knowledge. With each journey you take you will have a new lesson, a life lesson, because every new friend you make, every city you visit, every road you walk is a new experience, a unique and emotional, a lesson that no school or teacher can give to you.

So, every time you can, back your bags, take only what you really need, don’t forget the camera, forget about cellphones and computers, just bring a simple notebook and pen, get a map and start your adventure. To travel don’t means to stay in a luxurious hotels and eat in a fancy and expensive restaurants, it means to think, live and feels like a local. Stay in a small hostel, visit the market to try all the local flavors, make time for all the museums and monuments, and speak with locals so you can learn a new story or legends.

Before you start your new trip, here the best tips shared from the people that live on the roads and always are ready for a new adventure and a journey that will change their life.

Pack light, just comfortable shoes and cozy clothes. Always take something warm and don’t forget the hat, sunny or one that will keep you warm, depends where you are traveling.

First aid kit is something that you must have in your bag. Pain killers, bandages, hydrocortisone cream, decongestant, anti-seasickness pills and pills against fever.
As we said, forget about modern technology, and be free to explore. Get a camera, don’t forget the charger or spare batteries.

Don’t be afraid!!! Be brave and explore, taste local food, go to new places, talk with people. Be open-minded and try things!

Souvenirs are amazing, they will always bring you the good memories. Postcards and fridge magnets are awesome and light to take with you. A great tip is to find an item or souvenir that you really like and buy it from every place you visit. If you can, buy something traditional and handmade, like that you will help the locals as well.

Forget about the taxi, they will rip you off. Instead use the public transport, rent a car or motorcycle. Sometimes you can rent a bike.

Visit the clubs. It is always a pleasure to feel the night life in one city.

Local festivals and fairs are amazing, you can learn a lot and have an amazing time.

Always have enough money. Have cash and credit in the same time. Unfortunately, you will never know what can happen, so extra money on the side are more than welcomed.

And the least tip is to be friendly, smile to the locals, like that they will show you which are the best places to eat, which bar you need to visit or what to try or maybe get a discount.

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