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Best tips for traveling with kids

Family vacation, fun for everybody, sun, sea, lots of interesting activities for the little ones and relaxation for the parents. Every family needs and deserve at least seven day summer holiday by the sea. After whole year of working hard, taking care for the kids and the home, school and studying, everyone needs a rest. Families are planning their holiday the whole year, kids are saving money in their piggy banks for ice cream and stuff animals, mommy is preparing her favorite book for reading at the beach and daddy just want a cold beer.

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Trip with the kids is a blast, but it can be quite a challenge as well, because kids are curious and dynamic, and they want to see and touch everything. So, you need to be extra careful when you travel in to new city or tourist resort.

The first thing you have to do when you plan your family vacation by the sea is to find a kids friendly resort or place. You don’t want to have your kids on a beach where there are many young people drinking and dancing. You want a nice and calm sandy beach where they can build sand castles, play with the ball and learn to swim.

After booking you vacation, plan the transport. Depending the destination you have to figure out if you will be traveling with car, train or plane. And that also depends on your kids. Some kids can’t travel long in a car or plane. So, if your kid can’t travel for long, the best is to choose a destination closer to your home.

For traveling with car, get some easy and light snack, lot of water and give the kids’ activities to keep them busy. So get their favorite toy or some books or even audio books. And make brakes often.

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For traveling with plane first you need to prepare them with nice talk and explain to them what is going to happen. Arrive early on the airport, so you can have enough time to settle the baggage and to show the planes to the kids. Also, give them light meal before travel, and in a consultation with the pediatrician get anti-sickens pills.
For comfortable trip wear light and cozy clothes, it is summer after all.

Traveling with kids means to be extra safe, so always have medicament’s for fever, diarrhea, vomiting, sun stork and fly. Because long trips and changing climates can make the kids fell sick.

If you are planning a trip in a big and busy city where you want to see all the museum and monuments, consider a children’s locator. The kid will wears a small unit that is usually strapped to a belt or shoe and you keep the transmitter. So, in the worst case of getting lost, set off the alarm and follow the sound to find them.
Make them feel important and adult by giving them their own bag with toys, wet wipes, books, and if you can give them child-friendly camera. Like that the kids will be much more responsible.

Make all the percussion’s to keep the kids safe on the beach. By that we mean to have sunscreen with large SPF, sunglasses, extra towels and swimming suits. Get a bunch of beach supplies to keep the busy and to have fun.
Hopefully this simple tips will help you and your kids to have awesome time on your summer gateway.

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