The Best Tips for Backpack Traveling

It is summer, the best season for traveling, when the weather is nice, you can heat the beach and you can sleep in a camp or tent. Perfect for low budget trips and vacations!

Backpack Traveling Tips

The backpack traveling is becoming more popular, because it is so fun, adventurous, you can see a lot of new places, meet new people, make friends and still won’t cost you a small fortune.

To be honest, the backpack traveling is practical for young people, because they can move a lot, don’t need a special care and have a lot friends around the world. Students love this way of traveling, it is not expensive and like we said, it is super fun. Pack the most necessary items, bring cash and hit the road. Planes, trains, buses, local transport and even hitchhiking, find the easiest way of transportation. So gather up your friends or college mates, and start your summer adventure.

The first thing to do is to get yourself a nice, big and waterproof backpack, because that is the crucial thing about this new journey.

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Backpack Traveling Ideas

After that choose your destination, which places or city you would like to visit, and the cheapest way to travel there and place to stay. Youth hostels are good choice, they have a cozy bad and hot water for showering, and that is all you need! Try to book one with a kitchen, and most of them offer breakfast.
Pack light, is the best tip. Get what you really need, few shirts, pants and comfortable shoes and sandals, depending on where you are traveling. Like these you don’t have a lot of weight to carry on your shoulders and you won’t pay extra for baggage at airports.

Leave your valuables at home. You don’t really need you old grandma’s ring or the earrings that you got for your birthday. Leave the lap tops and tablets at home, but bring you camera because you would love to lock in all those memories. A smart phone is all you need on your trip, you can connect to Wi-Fi and stay in touch with your family, but also check a map or book a hostel.

What to Pack

When you are packing get some snacks, granola bars or crackers, you never know, maybe you will be stack in transport or get hungry in the middle of the night. Also, pack some fists aid, pain killers, Band-Aid, fever, vomiting or diarrhea pills. Just for any case, because you are traveling and changing climates and trying different cuisines.
If you are student, that get discount cards, like that you can save up some money on museum entrances or transport.
Bring cash and exchange it in small amounts, you will never know how much you need, Avoid using credit cards and ATM because they will charge you extra.

Don’t be afraid, even if you travel alone, you can always meet fellow backpackers or people in the hostels. You can chat and connect with the locals and make new friends. Backpack traveling solo is a blast, because you visit, eat, and do whatever you want without making compromises. But, as always, it is nice to have a company, but the choice is yours. Anyway, you can be safe and have fun even if you travel alone.

So, hopefully these tips will motivate you to start a new backpack traveling adventure this summer.

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