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The Best National Parks in the United States of America

What Mother Nature has created is definitely stunning. From amazing flora around the world, to various numbers of species that can be set in different locations around the globe. Today’s list is about the best National Parks around the US. Baffled by the variety of wildlife that can be found at this location and some even endangering species we will reveal you one breathtaking nature. The swamplands, the highlands, the reefs, glaciers and many other natural sports have reached up for a different wildlife to develop at these positions. If you are a true nature lover and a real travel addict and are happy and open to discover everything this wonderful planet offers, then select some of our lists and start your travel. Here is how our trip took place.

US Best National Parks

Orcas Island in Washington, is the biggest of the San Juan islands, and is a place where you can spot an amazing wildlife like orca whales and variety of birds, from hummingbirds to owls. And that’s not it. The surrounding sea is a nirvana for many species as well, such as sea whales, seals, sea birds, and cacophonous. You can even spot sea lions, elephant seals and dolphins in their season, and witness how they make occasional appearances, but altogether this island provides a real natural refreshment. Where a variety of wildlife and diversity of species can be noticed. It is surprising how this many and different animals can be distinguished at the same spot.

1-Orcas Island in Washington Best National Parks  source

Continuing to Texas, and the famous Big Bend National Park. Located along the border with Mexico it is one wild region, where around 3600 types of insects can be spotted. But despite these little ones, there are many other species like the roadrunner bird, Koyote (Yey, we’ve discovered the homeland to Wille E. Coyote and the roadrunner), javelin, and occasionally if you’re lucky you get to see a mountain lion or a bear. There are also around 20 species of bats that live in this area, one of them is the Mexican-Long-Nosed Bat that can be seen only in this part of the US. And some of the most scenic landscapes can be captured here as well.

2-Big Bend National Park Best National Parks  source

Hawaii drag our attention next, and the Kilaue Point National Wild Refuge. This refuge works to protect many seabirds and one of them is nene, the native Hawaiian goose, which is also a state bird. Other species of birds like albatrosses, bobbies and other shore birds often top for a visit. And offshore is another wildlife kingdom that can be spotted like whales and spinner dolphins, that occasionally entertain the tourists.

3-Kilaue Point National Wild Refuge Best National Parks  source

Moving to Alaska, and the Kenai Fjords National Park. This land is full with beauties. North of this park is the Denali National Park with the highest mountain in the state, Mt. McKinley. Even though half of the fjords are covered with ice, there is still a great amount of wildlife spotted in this area, like orcas, sea otters, sea lions, humpback whales in the water, and is the homeland to black bears, mountain goats, moose, and Alaskan brown bear. Right next to the park is the Kenai National Wildlife refuge, where tourists can camp or if you get a permit, you can haunt some moose or fish for salmon.

4-Kenai Fjords National Park  Image By National Park Service, Alaska Region CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Acadia National Park, is the only park of New England and it is located on the Eastern coast of Maine, the place where the land and sea meet, and brings about the number of wildlife. If you are a bird lover then this is the spot you should visit for sure.  This is the home to the peregrine falcon, and other species like herons, songbirds, seabirds, harlequin ducks. The coast can brag with many animals like starfish and crabs after the tide goes out, and it is inevitable to see the dolphins, seals and whales splashing in the water. The size of the park is 53,000 acres, and despite the natural experience this place will offer you the most beautiful sunset as well.

5-Acadia National Park Best National Parks  source

We’ll keep on with an on land experience, in Florida, actually downtown in Miami is located the Everglades National Park. It is the only place where alligators and crocodiles exist together in the same place. It is regarded as the largest subtropical wilderness in the country. And is a place where a variety of birds can be spotted like, wood storks, egrets, spoonbills and many more. To experience this wildlife you can either take a boat ride or rent an air-boat.


Tennessee, North Carolina and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is a real animal kingdom. The black bears are considered as a symbol of the place,  because of the fact that there are over 1500 bears that populate the area. This area is the home to more than 200 varieties of birds, and a great number of fish, reptiles and mammals as well.  The white tailed deer can be spotted at this location as well, but since 2001 this is the home of some Elk, that were reintroduced to the park. There are also 30 species of salamander at this place, it is actually its home place, and some ground hogs and bats can be seen as well.

7-Great Smoky Mountains National Park  source

Moving to the world’s longest cave system, which is actually the National Park – Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. There are 400 miles of underground turns and twists that wait for you to explore them. Mammoth can brag with the treasure of many species. Even though most of them are small ones, but they are still worthy seeing. Among the animals, opossums can be seen, then a white tailed deer, a Kentucky Cave Shrimp, and there are several species of bats that populate the caves as well. Although they are creepy animals, the emphasis is set to increase the number of these animals. The National Park is surrounded by the Green  River Valley, where many of these animals can be seen as well.


Moving to another Island, part of the Caribbean group is the Virgin Island. This place is the best getaway place offering a tropical experience that can be hardly felt on any other place. But it is not only the sandy beaches and crystal water that is dragging people’s attention, but the fact that 65 percent of the island is actually a National Park, St. John, thanks to the variety of wildlife that can be spotted on the island and in the surrounding sea. The best way to experience the ocean flora and fauna life is by snorkelling,  where you will get the chance to see hundreds of species in action. And moving on land the park is the home to various animals like wild donkeys, lizards, frogs of all sizes and six natïve species of bats.

9-Virgin Island Best National Parks  source

And we left it as a last (so that we can explore it well) but it is the most important National Park in the entire US state, the Yellowstone National park, located in Wyoming. It is  2.2 million acres big and is overflowing into three states, the already mentioned Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The whole park lies on an apocalyptic super volcano and is one majestic place, having wide forests, even a smaller version of the Grand Canyon, old faithful Geyser and many other attractions that help the tourism development. But the main ones are the 67 different types of mammals that call this place their home, like grizzly and black bears, mountain lions, wolverines, coyotes, and the bald eagle only part of them. It is though that the grey wolves were brought to the park again in 1995, after 70 years of absence, but no one can tell it for sure. All in one, this is one big animal paradise, one great animal ruling spot and their own natural kingdom.

10-Yellowstone National park Best National Parks  source

Come on all of you nature lovers out there. Don’t miss your chance, and visit some of these parks. Begin with your nearest place.  There is a great experience waiting for you and a wildlife you haven’t seen before is waiting for you to explore it. It is a gift of Mother Nature, something that is left untouched by human’s hand (and should stay that way) and just stunning and incredible.



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