The Most Beautiful Rivers in the World

Of all the rivers that slowly and persistently move towards the sea, we have selected the five most interesting ones, ideal for sailing and getting to know the cultures thriving around them.

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Cano Cristales – The Cano Cristales is also known as the “The River of Five Colors” and “The River that Escaped Paradise”. It is 100 km long and 20 m wide, Cano Cristales moves through the National Biological Reservation of Columbia, not far from the La Macarena town. Cano Cristales is most beautiful during rainy season, when thanks to the algae it is colored in beautiful shades of red, yellow, green, black and blue.

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FutaleufuFutaleufu River runs through Chile and Argentina. It passes through the dense woods and steep valleys, carrying all the beauty of the Andes and Chilean and Argentinean lakes all through Northern Patagonia. Favorite among rafting aficionados, the waters of Futalefu derive from ice glaciers, so the water is cold and clear.

Danube – Apart from Volga, the second largest and water abundant river in Europe is the Danube. The 2.850 km long Danube flows into the Black Sea; throughout European history and today it has been/is an important international waterway.

ZambeziAlmost 2.700 km long, the Zambezi River passes through six African countries and flows into the Indian Ocean. Being fourth by size on the African continent, Zambezi River is very popular because of the Victoria Falls – the largest on Earth and proclaimed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Every year, millions of tourists come to see the magnificence of the Victoria Falls.


Yangtze – Yangtze River is the longest river on the Asian continent, offering a great way to explore the Chinese culture through the settlements situated on its banks, and it is ideal for a boat cruise. Many cruisers make short trips that last less than a week, and can take you to the most interesting parts of this great country.

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