The Most Beautiful Cemeteries of the World

Although not many people are interested in visiting cemeteries on their travels, some of these places have turned to popular tourist attractions. We present you with the most interesting and beautiful among them:

Montparnasse (Paris) – Pere Lachaise is the largest cemetery in Paris, where artistic legends such as Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison have been buried. However, Montparnasse is famous for its indescribably beautiful landscape, which inspires a feeling of peacefulness. Apart from that, Montparnasse is the eternal home of poet Charles Baudelaire and surrealist artist Man Ray.

Hollywood Forever (Los Angeles) – Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone were buried in this recently restored cemetery, which is one of the oldest in Los Angeles. It is situated nearby Santa Monica Boulevard, in the neighborhood of Paramount Studio and it is the eternal home of many actors and actresses, directors and producers, such as Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, and Cecil B. DeMille.

Waverley (Sidney) – Expand your horizons on Waverley, a sort of panorama between Bronte Beach and Coogee. When the sun is shining, this place offers the best view of the sea in the whole of Australia, while in the winter it resembles the cemetery from “The Wuthering Heights”.

via sydney-city

Cripta dei Cappuccini (Rome) – This cemetery is best known for the crypt in the chapel of Santa Maria delle Concezione church, which holds the remains of 4.000 monks of the Capuchin order. Apart from this, huge artistic value is attributed to the architecture of the chapel itself and the crypts, which create a mesmerizing vortex of arches and passages.

The Pyramids of Giza (Cairo) – Although not a cemetery in the contemporary sense of the word, the ancient pyramids of Giza present a permanent enigma of the posthumous legacy of the Egyptian pharaohs. More than 4.000 years after the last one was finished, these incredible constructions still amaze the visitors.

The_Pyramids_of_Giza,_Cairo,_Egypt-05 via wikimedia by Rjruiziii licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0

Panteon Civil de Dolores (Ciudad de Mexico) – Spreading on incredible one million square meters, this huge necropolis is the largest in Mexico. Although not as picturesque as the other cemeteries on the list, this cemetery is worth visiting for the Rotonda de las Personas Ilustres, the burial ground of many famous Mexicans, like Diego Rivera and Dolores del Rio.

Cementerio de la Recoleta (Buenos Aires) – La Recoleta is the eternal home of Eva Peron, but this is not the sole reason for the popularity of this cemetery in Argentina. The incredible neoclassical entrance, the walking trail surrounded by trees and the few beautiful mausoleums make this cemetery a real museum on the open.

Highgate (London) – This magnificent Gothic cemetery is the burial ground of Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, George Eliot, and even the parents of writer Charles Dickens. This cemetery was also the shooting location of one of the Dracula movie remakes, and there are even rumors of a local vampire.

Poets Tomb/Maqbaratoshoara (Tabriz) – This beautiful mausoleum of poets in Iran is a modernist building totally different from everything you’ve ever seen on your travels. Created in the honor of Persian poets, scholastics and mystics, the mausoleum was constructed on an impressive location which once served as a cemetery as well.

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