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Amsterdam Hotels – How Aesthetics and Creativity Played the Main Role When these Hotels were Built

Hotels are something that all travel addicts consider as a second home, and the most significant place for all travellers. A place where you need to feel the comfort of your own home and enjoy some privacy, but at the same time to be something that is affordable for every pocket. There are many hotels around the world, some cheap and some not, but most of them have some similar looks and it seems like you’re visiting the same place all over again. Hotels should be considered as the most important representative marks of the city, something that will give you an insight about what expects you once you get out on the street to explore the city.

Amsterdam Hotels

Searching for this we have found several remarkable Amsterdam hotels, that will provide you that special Dutch appeal and scent felt around the streets of this metropolis where everything is allowed.

We are already cognizant with the unique architectural building in Amsterdam and that unique appeal of the whole city. But these people use their creativity everywhere, whether it’s for the exterior of a place or the interior. We have made a list of the most creative and most unique Amsterdam hotels that you should pay a visit once you are in Amsterdam. Their appeal and style is simply amazing and perfectly fits in this wonderful and fancy Dutch capital.

Hotel 717

Hotel 717 is located in the heart of the area in Amsterdam, which is under the World heritage of UNESCO. It is a place where the typical Dutch golden time is felt everywhere surrounding you. This hotel was opened in 1997 and it still represents one of the best spots to spend a night in the Netherlands, and a place where the genuine Dutch hospitality can indeed be felt. The rooms are all perfectly decorated and designed (offering that unique Dutch appeal), no adding or reinforcing is needed. A real place to relax and enjoy the privacy and comfort offered. What we all actually need when we’re on a travel adventure.

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Droog Hotel

The Droog Hotel. The interesting thing about this hotel is that there is only one room in it, and that is what makes it really hard to book in here. But the look of this room is simply stunning. It’s like an apartment, with a living room, dining room and a bedroom where you can enjoy the exclusivity with a drink or a snack. The upper level is the one with an awesome view of the whole city of Amsterdam, and down there is one green paradise, one amazing garden where you can relish surrounded by the typical Dutch scent. The hotel was built by the Dutch pioneer of modern design, Droog (the celebrated brand name) in 2012. And it’s actually all constructed in one old 17 century house in the historic section of the metropolis.

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Dylan Amsterdam

Dylan Amsterdam. It is located near the famous Nine Streets, right next to the famous mark of Amsterdam, the canal. Mingled within the interesting fashion boutiques, magical restaurants, and tiny shops with a unique interior, the Dylan hotel only proves its originality. It has a very chic and sophisticated look, but neat and classy at the same time and that slight and easygoing air that flows around Amsterdam can definitely be felt on the inside of this hotel too. The best rooms are the ones with a view over the canals. Yes, you should definitely get one and you will be thrilled by the view and the comfort offered in these one of a kind hotel rooms knowing that you’re surrounded with some beautiful places.

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Conservatorium Hotel

The Conservatorium Hotel. Located in the area that is known for the museums, and at the very place that was one of the most respectable conservatories in the city (the Sweelinck Conservatory of Music). That is how the name of this hotel came too. The world known museums Van Gogh and The Rijksmuseum are only 5 minutes away. How the whole hotel is designed is simply incredible. There are several fashion boutiques in the building offering fancy clothes like it corresponds with the whole classy style of the hotel. And also, this hotel is the first one that was awarded with a Green Globe certification. Thanks to that you are able to enjoy the luxury of the eco-spa products and the organic restaurant in the hotel as well.

04-amsterdam_hotels via cntraveler

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy. This is not an ordinary hotel at all. It is a place where more than 50 designers have participated in its creation, so that it get’s this today’s looks. It is affordable for everyone, since it has many rooms starting with a one star accommodation up to 5 star accommodation, which is perfect for every budget and taste. The experience you will gain here will be one of a lifetime, something you will carry for a long time with you. The hotel is located in the core of the so called “Eilanden” – which means “islands”. This is actually an area where only young people live in and work at the same time. One trendy neighbourhood. The looks of the hotel from the outside and inside as well completely fits with the surrounding area. The hall of the hotel and the hotel in a whole is generally used as a place where artists of every kind gather up to participate in many exhibitions or other special projects.

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I truly trust that this article will assist you with your choice for your accommodation next time you are travelling to Amsterdam. Remember the names of these Amsterdam hotels and you won’t regret whatever you visit. They will definitely give you the most stylish and unique stay over.

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