Amazing Tiger Temple in Thailand

Probably many tourists can’t even dream that they will walk with tigers, wild pigs and buffaloes, while knowing that there is no danger of an attack. That is the experience tourists experience in Tiger Temple in Thailand, or the land of smiles, as many call it.
Buddhist temple “Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua” or Tiger Temple was established in 1994 in order to create a safe home for all injured and abandoned wild animals, among which are the most dangerous ones, such as tigers, leopards and wild pigs.

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The temple is located in Saijok District Kanchanaburi Province in the west of Thailand, near the border with Myanmar. The first tiger in this temple was brought in 1999, while he was still a baby and fled the attack on hunters.
Most of the samples belong to the group of Indochinese tigers, and in the temple there are currently about 140 tigers.

A lot of stories can be heard, and many disbeliefs regarding the treatment and feeding of the tigers about the way that people can be in direct contact with the tigers, but the monks say it is not true, that mystery is the fact that the food they feed the tigers is exclusively fried and cooked chicken or avoid raw meat, which probably would have awakened instinct and desire to kill, and thus it would be dangerous for the environment.

What is interesting is that tourists have to follow the rhythm of life of these animals, respectively they can visit the tigers only after a rich meal, because otherwise they could become a substitute for a meal.
The founder of the temple ‘s Buddhist monk Acharn Pusit, who says that these animals can not be returned back to the wild because they would soon die, since they are not prepared to survive in the wild.
They have not developed hunting skills and probably very soon after release would have starved to death.

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Also Pusit introduces future plans to expand the space, in order to create an environment in which the animals will feel more natural and more satisfying.

However , Pusit highlights that most tourists perceive this temple as large circus , that come to see just to make images that would later boast, but rare are those who really love these magnificent animals.

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