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An Amazing French Commune, You Haven’t Heard of But Will Enchant You

France Beyond metropolis

When you first think about France, the cities that come to your mind are either Paris, Lion, Cannes or some other well known world metropolis. But we have discovered a place not that well known among the wider adventure seeking population, but with a similar charm of these metropolises mentioned previously. Widen up your choice for the next place you plan to visit in France and add this little municipality on the list as well. You won’t regret it, I assure you about that, it is one amazing French commune that you will love.

 image source via jeromeanais

Amazing French Commune of La Gacilly

We’re referring to the commune of La Gacilly where every year from 31st of May till the 30th of September a huge open exhibition occurs. The exposition comprises a set of pictures that are placed all over the place. Many are not even aware that this tiny town exists, and even less aware about the exhibition that traditionally takes place every year. The principal topics presented in the exhibition till now were nature, people and biodiversity. I wonder what would be the next exhibition theme. Are you as well. Then travel to the small town next year sometime between June and September, and find out. Don’t miss the chance to attend an exhibition of this kind if you’re visiting France this time of the year. Be a part of a different experience.

The exhibition and the photographs are not the sole things that represent temptation for a visit here, but the other sights that can be spotted there.

 image source via allthecities

The narrow streets are full with many craftsmen and artists, whose works can be seen in their small shops. Puppet makers, potters, jewellery designers and glass blowers can be seen in these alleys.

Wonderful Exhibitions of Photographs

While you’re enjoying the wonderful exhibited pieces of photographs that might overwhelm you with emotions, you can pay a visit to the botanical garden where you’ll find around 1100 species of plants.

There are several eco-baths and spa hotels around the place where you’ll get a chance to relax using natural products only, after the long day walking around the place.  There is a restaurant in this spa resort where you can taste some meals made of organic and local products and enjoy a view over the gardens which is actually a designated butterfly and a bird resort. Or try a walk around the town and what is a better means of transport than an electric boat or a donkey. Yes, a tour around the city on the back of a donkey, you can do that here.

 image source via Wikimedia Commons, By Wolfgang Bauer

Place That Will Surprise With it’s Beauty

Check out the fascinating photos of this small town that captivates with its look. I believe that its charming look will bring about its popularity to grow even more and catch the eye of the many tourists that are making a tour around France.

If you’re one of those adventurers and France is on your next-to-travel-to list, then don’t forget to put this place on the list as well. You’ll be surprised by its whole appeal.

Enjoy these photos and sense the magic that is felt only by a bare glimpse of them.

  image source via yves-rocher

  image source via loireatlantique

  image source via loireatlantique

  image source via 5-6-bons-plans-en-morbihan

 image source via keitheckstein

 image source via momentsagreables


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