Airports that Represent Perfect Architectural Solutions

The airports are very important for a perfect journey. Can you imagine what a big organization like that includes: terminals, runways, ATC, Restaurants, baggage reclaims an a lot more. A lot of people visit the airports among the world, so can you imagine how the airports service so many people at the same time. One of the most creditable is the solution of the architect that creates the design. Because of that, will be presented architectural creations that deserve being paid attention on.

Kansai International Airport (Japan)

1. The construction of this airport started in 1987 and lasted for about two years but the final opening occurred in 1994. It is interesting the fact that it was built in the central part of the Osaka bay by men. It has 14 million passengers per year. The award that received in 2001 by American Society of Civil Engineering is another thing proves the great architectural achievement.

via flickr by Hideyuki KAMON licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Hong Kong International Airport

2. The airport maneuvers with one of the greatest terminal buildings. Hong Kong International has won eight prizes for customer satisfaction. The place where it was built (The island Chek Lap Kok By) contribute this airport to be reclaimed as part of the Top 10 Construction Achievements in the 20th century in 1999.

via flickr by Carlos Mejía Greene licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Denver International Airport (Denver, Colorado)

3. The location of this airport makes it centre for a lot of transporters. The Denver International Airport is the largest American Airport by surface. It has very interesting white roof in form of tent which serves as a token of the snow that covers Rocky Mountains.

via flickr by Wally Gobetz licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Sondica Airport (Bilbao, Spain)

4. It is very beautiful and known for its lustrous wing shaped construction. At the same time it has many dispraises and negative opinions. On the other hand it is a loadstone and has a lot of positive critics. The gallery above the baggage claim has a spectacular view.

Beijing International Airport ( Beijing, China)

5. In 2008 with opening the third terminal because of the Summer Olympic Games, it became second largest terminal after Dubai International Airport. It was opened in 1958 and today with all the facilities that can be find there (restaurants, indoor garden, stores) in Bejing International Airport you can feel the effect of China.

Madeira International Airport (Santa Cruz, Portugal)

6. This airport which is mostly common known as Funchal Airport, has uncommon runway with a series of 180columns. Because it has been accommodated for bigger planes through the years, the Madeira International Airport has won a prize in 2004 by the Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

Dammam King Fahd International Airport (Dammam, Saudi Arabia)

7. It was designed in 1976, the construction started in 1983 and lasted till 1999. It is compared with giant because of its enormous size. This airport is composed of: six terminals, shopping area, mosque, royal terminal. According its size is the biggest world airport by surface area.

Los Angeles International Airport ( Los Angeles, California)

8. Another airport in the list of perfect architectural achievements, it has 9 terminals in the form of letter u. It is known as LAX, in 2011 it had about 68 millions of passengers. In 1961 with aim to be represented characteristic architectural plans, it was build the top of this airport in form like a flying saucer on for legs. On it is situated a restaurant that with rotation that allow 360 degree sights.

 Dubai International airport (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

9. It is composed of 3 terminals and a lot of duty free shopping. The aim of this airport was to serve as a main airport for Dubai and United Arab Emirates. It is very luxuriously built and is representation of the modernity of the Dubai city. The Dubai International is positioned on the 12th place according to its engagement and it has got the biggest terminal in the world.

Incheon International Airport (Seoul, South Korea)

10. The last one but with the equal importance, this is an airport that has won many prizes. It owns a golf course, spa, casino, indoor gardens, rooms for sleeping, ice skating and museum. This contributes to be ranked as the best airport since 2005. Also it has standing for 5star by Skytrax. The Incheon International Airport consists of two islands that with the architectural creativity were connected in order to be built it. It was opened in 2001. Some of the awards include: the Best in Service Award in Class and second in the Best Airport worldwide after Hong Kong International Airport.


Maybe when you go on a journey you expecting from the place but the airport gives you the first impression about it.


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