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Advices for Traveling to Egypt

The ageless and mysterious Egypt always offers something new for the people who want to explore its past. We cannot number how many trips to this African country you will need as to see all of his wonders, but please bear in mind these friendly advices while visiting:

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Get your Shots

I know, I know, getting poked by needles isn’t the best way to start a holiday. Yet, better be safe than sorry, so make sure at least to have a checkup with your doctor regarding shots. Malaria was a big issue for Egypt for years, though nowadays the risk is very low, it is still a dangerous possibility.

Malaria shots are the best solution or keeping at hand antimalarial medicines. Or the best way to prevent malaria-avoid being bitten by mosquitos. If your reason for visit is other than travel, let’s say you would like to stay for a longer period as to do some charity work, then it would be prudent to get a shot for polio;

Food and Drinks

Make sure that everything you eat is well cooked and served shortly after it’s cooked. You would want you veggies and fruit peeled and washed previously in water you are sure is clean. Avoid eating at street vendors, undercooked meat, or veggies and fruit of dubious hygiene.

Take care that you drinks are bottled, as well as the ice to be made from disinfected or bottled water. Hot tea and coffee are welcomed, but don’t even think to drink tap water or water from wells. We know that the bazaars and local coffee shops are part of the experience, just be careful how the food and beverages you buy there are properly prepared. Explore with prudence and there will be no trouble for you;

It is Very, Very Hot

Wear light clothing in bright colors and made of natural materials. Linen is the best for the African heat, so as cotton. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen with a high protection factor and use it profusely. Keep hydrated and always carry a bottle of water with you.

Avoid the hottest hours of the day, from 2-5 pm. This advice goes especially for the ones with fairer or sensitive skin. You don’t want to remember your trip to Egypt ‘as the holiday where I got the nastiest sunburns’;

Scammers in Egypt

Be aware of scammers and pickpockets: the great crowds and overpopulation make the ideal hunting ground for thieves and pickpockets. Never carry your rucksack on your bag while in crowd. Instead, opt for a messenger bag that you can always keep in front of you.

Change currencies only in official exchange offices. Do not let them to rip you off when shopping for souvenirs or “original” Egyptian artifacts. Sometimes, the memories of a well-spent holiday make for the best souvenir;

Be Mindful of their Culture and Religion

Today, Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country, but with a strong Coptic Christian community. Though the Sheria law is not as strongly practiced, still be respectful to their religion. Make sure that your clothing is not to revealing and consume alcohol only in places that cater mostly tourists.

You know what they say “when in Rome, do what Romans do.” Little respect and apprehension to a culture different than your own will just add to the wonderful experience.

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