Adventure in the Magnificent Country and Pyramids of Egypt

Every Adventure – Soothing and Relaxing Experience

Some people may find the elements of a trip, such as packing the bags, leaving their home for a while or even travelling by certain means of transport troubling and stressful. But then there are those travel-junkies like myself that think of all this stuff just as a pathway to a brand new adventure and none the less even find them soothing and relaxing. This is an article about my most recent trip and all the adventures involved with it, located in the Nile Valley in Egypt. The first association with it to most people would probably be the sphinx and pyramids of Egypt but as it turns out Egypt has so much more to offer.

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Egypt, One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Our journey started with perhaps one of the most famous places in Egypt, the Giza Plateau. This plateau located just outside the borders of Cairo is the home of the well known Great Pyramids of Giza. Although seeing these ancient wonders for the first time was a breathtaking experience for me, I couldn’t help but feel like a dwarf compared to these great and amazing structures.

Pyramids of Egypt Will Take Your Breath Away

As I was staring all around and admiring the view, the tourist guide started explaining about this plateau’s history and stories. The largest one of the pyramids of Egypt known as Khufu’s Pyramid is especially significant for being one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The other two, slightly smaller than the first one but still enormous are the Pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure. And also as a part of The Giza Plateau are the remains of the three small queens’ pyramids of Egypt (the tombs of Khufu’s sisters and wives), the Great Sphinx and the Solar Boat Museum.

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Temple of Luxor

The next place we paid a visit to was the astonishing Temple of Luxor. This temple complex is known for it’s rich history, for many pharaohs played a part in building it throughout the years, including Tutankhamen, Hatsheput, Ramses II, and Amenhotep III.

Abu-Simbel Temple

Another one of our sightseeing locations were the mind-blowing Abu-Simbel Temples. Being second on the list of Egypt’s most visited tourist sights (with the Pyramids of Giza on the first place), these temples are as amazing as they sound. What’s most exciting about these two temples in the fact that in the 1960’s they were successfully relocated as a result of UNESCO’s world wide appeal to save them from the pending threat to be flooded when a damn was built on the Lake Nasser.

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Temples Built by Ramses II

The first temple, and slightly larger than the other one was dedicated to Ramses II, and the second one to his most favored wife, Nefertiti. They were both built by Ramses II himself in the 13th century BC. The most enchanting feature of these temples is that twice a year the rising sun rays shine all the way through the inner temple and end up illuminating the statues of the four gods situated at the end of it.

This trip has made me feel like I’ve traveled back in time and have been left roaming around the ancient cities. It was such a lovely and unforgettable experience which is why Egypt is a destination I would gladly recommend to everyone.

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