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Adrenaline – Check the Largest Handmade Hammock, and Experience that Bird Freedom 120 metres Up in the Sky

This sounds like a dream come true for all the adrenaline addicts, and there are many alright. Several climbers and height lovers have thought about this idea and built the largest hammock that the world has ever seen, and is located on the rocky canyon high above the Moab Desert in Utah. They managed to build this hammock using ropes only, in three days, and they left a hole in the centre for the base jumps to be practiced from there. 50 people worked on this project and the hammock is located on 120 metres height.
How courageous and fearless should you be in order to build this masterpiece? I hope that their adrenaline thirst will be satisfied for a while now, until they move to another project.

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Largest Handmade Hammock

This hammock is named the “Mothership Space Net Penthouse” and it was a project by all the thrill lovers that gather up once a year at this very place sometime around the Thanksgiving holiday. The experience you’ll get once arriving there is priceless and the panoramic views of the surroundings are unique and can’t compare to anything you’ve seen so far.

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Activities getting your Adrenaline

You can see people walking on ropes, others base jumping, or there are some that only relax and enjoy in the peace and harmony up in the clouds. The people that stand behind this project are called the Moab Monkeys and they are specialists in high-lining, Base jumping, slacking and adrenaline fuelled filmmaking. Their many stunts (like the ones in the Austrian Alps or the ones in Rio de Janeiro) are famous and shown all over the world.

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Walking on a Rope

Yet, the only way to get to this masterpiece and feel its comfort is by walking on a rope. It is not easy at all, and not everyone can experience it. Only professionals, and masters in that can do it, which are actually the craziest ones (in a positive way, of course), those that haven’t heard of fear, and are appealed by the adrenaline, and are constantly trying and testing even crazier acts so that they can satisfy it.

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Would you dare to lay in a hammock like this one? But that still is not as hard as the getting there stage is. I can’t wait to see what next will this group think of.

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