A Freezing Trip to the Coldest City in the World – Yakutsk

Yakutsk – Coldest City in the World

You think you know freezing winters? You know nothing about freezing until you’ve visited Yakutsk, where -50˚C is only ‘chilly’. Yakutsk is a far away city in Eastern Siberia and it is known for two things: it is the coldest settlement on Earth also Coldest City in the World and it is a major supplier of diamonds. In January, the coldest month of the year, the average day temperatures revolve around -40˚C. The locals constantly remind you not to wear glasses since they can freeze to your skin.

Yakustk -- 01 Coldest City in the World via mikaelstrandberg

Yakutia covers over a million square miles

Russia is abundant of great, distant and cold spaces, but Yakutsk seems to be the absolute recorder – Yakutia covers over a million square miles, while it is inhabited by less than a million people.


Inhabitants are used to this cold temperatures

Still the short and surprisingly warm summers are not popular among the locals – since they are not adapted to the heat and the humid air filled with mosquitoes and flies. The cuisine is adjusted to the natural conditions, including lots of horse and reindeer meat. Yakutsk may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is an excellent challenge for the toughest.

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