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20 Locales Secrets Most Travelers Don’t Know About

Procida, Italy

Located in southern Italy, Procida is an island of approximately ten thousand travelers. If you go to Procida you must visit the highest point of the mountain called Terra Murata.

 via Flickr, by Porfirio, license CC BY 2.0

Marsaxlokk, Malta

Marsaxlokk is a village mostly known by fishing tourism, which is located in Malta. It has got a population of over than 3.500 people. For this city is special that they have routine about the fishing market every Sunday.

The peacock room in Castello di Sammezzano, Tuscany

In the castle Castello di Sammezzano is Peacock Room, which is filled with a large assortment of colors, designs and precious stones. It is located in Leccio which is the mucinipality of Reggello. This castle is made in the year of 1605 by the Spanish people.

 via Flickr, by lorZ, license CC BY-NC 2.0

Herrenchiemsee New Palace, Lake Chiemsee, Germany

This place is located in southeast Germany and is a complex of royal buildings. King Ludwig II made his new Royal Palace right in this place in 1873. This palace was actually built for the King Louis XIV , who was admired by the Bavarian monarch.

Deception Island, Travel to Antarctica


The Deception Island is located in Antarctic Peninsula. The island has the form of a ring where hundreds of penguins have found their home, and specific thing about it is the active volcano that has been investigated through the years. That volcano has made a huge damage of this place in 1967 and is interesting place to visit when you travel to Antarctica.

 via Flickr, by Benjamin Dumas, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Fès, Morocco

Fes it is taught to be the third largest city located in Morocco with population over than one million. Once you’re there do not forget that you are in a place where there is the oldest tannery in the world you must visit. Also do not miss the blue gate or known as: Bab Boujloud

Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece

Melissani Cave is in Greece, to be more specific in Kefalonia. It is believed that in this place was living the goddess of beauty, which attracted men to come there. Melissani Cave is surrounded by the water and there you can find endemic area of flora and fauna.

 via Flickr, by tallguyuk, license CC BY-NC 2.0

Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Тhe place Blagaj is located near to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the edge of one river called Buna. It is known by the beautiful rural houses which are near the river , so that makes this place a perfect landscape for life.

Meghalaya, India

Being located in North-East India, Meghalaya is also called The Abode of Clouds. This place has 40 feet of rain each year that help wildlife to build a beautiful forest with many rivers. There you can find a place called Cherrapunjee which is considered to be the wettest place all over the planet.

 via Flickr, by Pankaj Kaushal, license CC BY-ND 2.0

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov is a small city located in Chech Republic. There the travelers can visit the same named historical castle which is the most popular of all the castles in that area who dates from the 13th century. Interesting is that this place has got characteristic festival every June, where you can feel the Renaissance.

Craco, Matera, Basilicata

The village Craco is special because has extensive farmland. It is located in the Province of Mattera. More recently, it was speculated that ghosts have inhabited the ruins which this place makes more interesting for tourists. Also, it has been a popular attraction for film makers over the past years.

 via Flickr, by Martin de Lusenet, license CC BY 2.0

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Saint Petersburg, Russia

This church is one of the most colorful churches all around the world. You are going to be surprised when you’ll come inside of it. It has got a lot of nicknames for this church, but the most popular is Spilled Blood. It was made by the memory of the tsar Alexander II.

Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal


Quinta da Regaleira is located in Sintra, Portugal. It is historic center and is protected by UNESCO. Resembles of the inverted tower which is going under the land and is 27 feet long.

via Flickr, by Christa Lohman, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Ittoqqortoormiit is a city which was first added to map in the year of 1822. The transport for this place is difficult to reach, so we suggest you to go by airplane or helicopter , where it is worth to go in this colorful city that is surrounded by the longest river system.

Weißgerbergasse, Nuremberg, Germany

The visit to Germany must lead you to this town where you can see beautiful streets with colored markets and small houses which are popular for the tourists. Since you are there, you can visit the town of Bamberg, which sits on a hill, from where you can see the whole town.

 via Flickr, by Rubén Vique, license CC BY 2.0

Mount Ai-Petry, Crimea, Ukraine

Mount Ai-Petry is the biggest peak of the Crimeans Mountains. This place has a great view, and if you want to have another great view you can go to the fortress called Cembalo where you can see the beauties of the Balaklava.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands are islands located in Norway. Actually the first name of this Island was Vestvagoya, but later was renamed to Lofoten. These islands are inhabited by villages where fishing is developed in the high level. These are taught to be coral-rich islands.

 via Flickr, by Judith, license CC BY-NC 2.0

Monument Valley, Utah

Monument Valley is just a very famous location for filmmakers because of the huge sandstone buttes. Sand structures that dominate the landscape make it look more beautiful which resembles the Grand Canyon.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica


Cocos island is located approximately 300 miles of shore of Costa Rica and is taught to be a National Park. This island has got spectacular Marine fauna which results to be a place for best scuba diving sports.

 via Flickr, by Stéphane Enten, license CC BY-ND 2.0

 Rock tombs in Myra, Lycia, Turkey

It is located near to Antalya, about 3 hours driving by bus. This place is a real touristic attraction because of the rock tombs who are considered to be ancient Greek. After visiting the Rock tombs, we suggest you to go in to the real Saint Nicholas Church, where you will be twice amazed of its beauty.

 via Flickr, by Adam, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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