11 Island Airports that will Leave you Breathless

Can you imagine your landing on an airport that is constructed in the water where the land available is very limited? The so called airports are the artificial island airports. Apart from them, the atoll airports are situated on small islands near the greatest cities in the world. They are specialized for tourist usage.

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (Maldives)

1. The first of them, known as Malė international Airport, it is located in the North Malė Atoll near the capital island which name is Malė. It is the main crossover for those who want to visit the Maldives. Also it is the only one active airport in the country. The airport has only one runway. The name Nasir international airport was given on 26 July 2011.

via flickr by faiyu Shafyq licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Maamigili Airport

2. The next airport that deserves to be paid attention on, It was opened in 2011 on the Maldives and it has one runway measured 1800 by 30 m. This airport is situated on Maamigili Island in Ari Atholhu Dheknuburu Atoll.

 The Hong Kong International, China

3. Another very interesting airport, Known as Check Lap Kok, its name has gained it from the island on which is located. This is very important airport for Mainland China as well as the other parts of Asia. It is very active airport which shows the fact that it has 18flights from 15 cities to Hong Kong daily. Besides that, it is a bridge for flights that go from London to Sydney, from India to Osaka and other more. This is one of the busiest airports with passengers.

 Kitakyshu airport in Japan

4. It is located on an artificial island, on a distance of 3 kilometers from the city. Named as second class airport, it was opened in 2006 but later in 2008 was renamed as New Kitakyushu. The island on which it is built has dimensions: 4125m. (length) and 900 m. (width). It has international charter flights and its dimension is appropriate for Boeing 747s to be landed as well as other jets. The size and the location of this airport are convenient for expansion in future.


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