11 Island Airports that will Leave you Breathless

Henderson Field Airport

9. placed in Midway Atoll, part of the United States. This airport has no tower which means is not controlled. The flights from October till August are limited because there are a lot of albatrosses. The place is the biggest place where albatrosses are dwelling. Another usage of this airport is as an emergency distraction area for ETOPS operations

Macau International Airport

10. is another one that deserves to be paid attention on. This airport was opened in 1995 and it is located on the east part of TaipaIsland ( Macu) . The capacity of this airport is about 6 000 000 travelers in a year. Also it is adapted for 24 planes and 4jets. There are 2 embankments that connect the runway. Something else which is interesting about this airport is that beside its small dimension it can manage with big planes like Antonov 124s or Boeing 747s. Also it can be produced 10 000 meals daily which is quite large amount.

Nagasaki Airport

11. Located in the city Nagasaki Japan. The runway that is used at the moment was opened in 1975. It is very similar with other airports in Japan. The only difference is that this one is situated on a previously existent island. The main terminal and runway are located on the island. On the other hand the smaller runway is on the main surface.


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