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10 Most Popular Hotels in Dubrovnik

Hotel Adria – Most Popular Hotels in Dubrovnik

In this hotel you will get excellent value for your money, it comes as a great surprise because the hotels in Dubrovnik are much overprized. It is a new hotel situated in the hillside, offering a magnificent view over the town, harbor, landscapes and islands. From this hotel you can walk to the Old Town of Dubrovnik, because the taxis are reasonably overprized. Hotel Adria offers great rate in which is included the breakfast, great service and friendly, helpful, open staff.

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Hotel R

This is very friendly, nice, small, delightful hotel. It has a good location, situated only 15 minutes from the Old city. The staff is very helpful and polite. Almost all of the rooms have big balcony with view over the Adriatic Sea. It is a perfect place for family and couples.

Hotel Zagreb

Hotel Zagreb is quiet lovely hotel. Although it is not situated right at the Old Town, but it is very near, visitors can walk from the hotel to the Old Town. The perks of not being in the Old Town are that, you are away from noise. The rooms are very nice and clean. You can eat your breakfast on the terraces and enjoy in the view that this hotel offers.Hotel Zagreb is one of the most popular hotels in Dubrovnik.

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Hotel Terina Dubrovnik

It is good, cheap hotel offering helpful, friendly staff that is always there when you need them. Although it has only three stars the facilities are excellent and because it is part of a group of hotels, visitors are allowed to use the pools of the other 5 stars hotels that are also part of that group.

Berkeley Hotel – Most Popular Hotels in Dubrovnik

This hotel is the right choice for families and couples. Because the hotel is ran from a family they certainly know what other families and couples want. It has approximately 24 rooms. You will get good value for large rooms, with room service. Berkeley Hotel also has pool, and many of the rooms offer a direct access to the lovely pool.

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Hotel Komad

It is friendly and comfortable hotel. It is cheap hotel with very good location. Here people come to spend perfect relaxing holiday. What makes the hotel very pleasant is the staff, which always offers to help you with everything. Here you will be treated well and feel like a king. The rooms and the balconies are small but the size doesn’t matter because they are very comfortable and nice. This hotel also offers magnificent views over the city.

Hotel La Perla – Most Popular Hotels in Dubrovnik

It is clean, quiet, nice, cheap hotel. Hotel Perla is located in a really popular area, but it manages to provide the quietness the guests want. The rooms are average, have nice size and every room has air conditioning. Most of the rooms have balcony, where the guests can sit, relax while enjoying in the clean air.

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Hotel Sumratin

It is located in Lapad district and it is decent budget hotel. This hotel is a close to a lovely beach which is a big advantage. The rooms are nice, all with terraces and air conditioning. Everyone who stayed here said that will come back another time. It is nice hotel but it needs a little renovation.

Hotel Splendid

It is nice hotel but it is not one of the best. If you are a budget traveler, then this is the right place for you. The accommodation is very good, the rooms are big. The rooms also offer balcony- a table with two chairs. From the balcony there is a magnificent view towards the sea. This is a perfect hotel if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on accommodation but at the same time you want to stay at a nice place in one of the most popular hotels in Dubrovnik.

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Hotel Petka

It is cheap, quiet hotel with nice rooms. In every room there is a balcony. The location is not very perfect but it’s ok. The balconies overlook the Port. The only disadvantages of this hotel are the location and the food service. There is a lot of space but the hotel is a big old which needs a little facelift. If you stay in this hotel check that you have closed the balcony doors because it can be a little noisy.

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