10 Most Beautiful Castles in Italy

Fortress of San Nicola, Tremiti Islands
Separated only by a stench of sea from San Domino it is situated San Nicola, the smallest and one of the most populated islands of the Tremiti Islands. It is popular for the castle and also for the abbey of Benedict called Santa Maria a Mare. The castle is situated on a top of a cliff of the island, in the Adriatic Sea. You can get here only by boat which you can take from Le Marche, Molise or Puglia. This castle is the last colossal work that was build for the defense of the castle of Badia. In the walls on the front, loopholes can be noticed for carabiners, culverins for windows and on the sides there are big terraces.

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Aragonese Castle, Ischia

All castles are fascinating but Aragonese castle is the most fascinating and mysterious of all mostly because it stands out on the sea, on a volcanic rock detached from the island. One of the most interesting things in this castle is the Nuns Cemetery, for the Clarisse nuns that lived years ago. A second interesting thing in this castle is the small museum standing on the top of the exit tunnel, which is dedicated to instruments of torture and weapons. This castle was built by Alfonso Alfonso V of Aragon in the 15 century to protect the citizens from the Pirates. It is located in a small volcanic island, and today is one of the main attractions for visiting.

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Castell’Arquato, Emilia-Romagna

This is not just a castle but it’s also a town, and in the past the castle walls protected this town from invaders. Taking a walk around this town gives you a feeling that you are in the Middle Ages. When is it best to visit? It is in all seasons, spring, summer, autumn, winter. This castle is always beautiful and it should be visited more than once. This castle is built mostly of fossilized shells which are lying in the entire area. In geological time this castle has been underwater. You can’t go from Castell’Arquato without shopping in the Municipal Vinery, in the halls of the Podesta Palace. Here you can buy delicious vines.

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Scaligero Castle, Lake Garda

When you go in this island the castle immediately catches your eye. This wonderful castle is located in the town of Sirmione on Lake Garda named after powerful rulers of Verona. It is viewed as one of the most beautiful castles in the world. In the past this castle was visited a lot because of its beauty and the same remained today. It is also the hall host of the Museum of Natural History of Mount Baldo, in which there are various findings and numerous illustrative tables of flora and fauna in the territory of Garda. One of the halls is dedicated to Goethe and there are several sketches of the lake. The castle also offers wonderful panoramic view from the artillery platform called revelino, from the top of the tower, that definitely will stay in your memory.

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Belfort Castle, Trentino

Although in ruins this castle is very eye-catching. One of the most romantic castles, built in 14th century is Belfort Castle located in Trento. This castle looks like modern fortress; it does not resemble medieval features. This castle has been ruled by a various different families but he most important of them were Refers di Campil.

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Rocca Maggiore, Assisi

The castle stands on a top of a hill and it is surrounded by a high defense wall and there is a tower in the centre. From the top of the hill the visitors can admire the breathtaking landscape with view on the town of Assisi and the Basilica of St. Francis. This is a perfect place for taking pictures at sunset and capturing beautiful moments. Rocca Maggiore was built in the 12th century located up in the hill of Assisi, today is ruined, but the spectacular view is still there.

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Odescalchi Castle, Bracciano

Just a few km from Rome it is placed the castle of Bracciano. It is regarded as the one of the most beautiful residences in Europe. The bastions, trenches, ancient halls, stables, fortifications and the garden make the castle worth for visiting, This castle nowadays is used for hosting expensive weddings, but in the past was residence for the two papal families the Borgias and Orsini. Because of its architectonic and structural characteristics it is regarded as the most important castle in Italy. The wedding of the famous actor Tom Cruise was hosted in this castle.

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Castel dell’Ovo, Naples

This small castle is situated in the bay of Naples. This castle is called Egg Castle because of ancient legend that said that the poet Virgil used a magical egg into the foundations of the castle to support it. But not many people believe in that legend and the second theory is that this castle was built by the Normans in the 12th century. Nowadays this castle contains a museum of Prehistory and it is also used for exhibitions and events. Every room in the castle has a beautiful view. There is a fishing village around called Borgo Marinari, which is known for the marina and restaurants.

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Castle of Fenis, Valle d’Aosta

This castle located in a small village, was built in13th century and it has been reconstructed in 14th and 15th century. Inside there are frescoes of St. George slaying the dragon and other remains from the royal family that once lived there. This castle has four big towers. The structure of the castle give the impression that the castle is big but it fact is quite small. On the ground floor it is the kitchen, dining room and the weaponry. On the first flour is the chapel with a reception hall.

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Castello Saraceno, Taormina, Sicily

Last but not least is the castle Saraceno located in Taormina which was built by Muslim invaders, which in later times was turned into monastery. Entering in this castle is impossible, but people can enjoy the view that offers this castle. It is close to Corso Umberto. To get to the castle you need to pass Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rocca, where many pilgrims go. In summer time climbing to the castle is extremely hard, you have to go in the morning or late afternoon, but every hard breath you take is worth when you arrive at the castle.

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