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10 Most Adventuorous Cities in the World

Chicago is considered to be the one of the cities that has the most beautiful and sexiest women in North America of which more than 26% said that they own their own sports equipment. If you can’t find a girlfriend in the bars or restaurants, we suggest you to try your luck in the ski slope, at a shooting range or on the beautiful water of Lake Michigan.

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Dallas is a city that is also among the cities filled with beautiful women. As a center for those who want to find their life partner, Dallas is the right place for this kind of people. While in Dallas, try not to get heatstroke because the weather can be very hot.

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San Francisco

San Francisco is a city that is known as a haven for adventure and romance and it would be good if you can afford to live in this place. If you want a certain kind of adrenaline and adventure we recommend you to visit the mountains for skiing and snowboarding, to walk up in the mountains or go to the ocean where you can go for floating and fishing.

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If you are in Denver you will always have fun. Whether that is a season, there is always fun when you can follow the games in skiing or snowboarding. Denver is also known by car racing.

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Raleigh, although a relatively small city, citizens do their best when it comes to exciting things. It is known that 55% of the population in Raleigh participate in activities to increase adrenaline in which they do it with pleasure.

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New York

As a city that never sleeps New York also abounds with places and people who love adrenaline so it has got a lot to offer people. There special adrenaline is found in Bungee jumping and parasailing.

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Against Boston, Miami is a city with more people who enjoy the adrenaline. For the numerous white beaches, boating and fishing are the real attraction. It is especially nice that people in Miami know how to appreciate good weather and usually citizens spend the day outside of their houses.

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Seattle is not only known for grunge music and hipster culture, or for cafes and restaurants, but is also is known for adrenaline. The Pacific and many mountains around there offer hiking and walking for those people who want to escape from the crowded city.

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Although Orlando looks like a family place because of Disney World, is also known for adrenaline which is expressed through car clubs and motor pathways that gives to people to drive without speed limits. Also, the easy access to the ocean has increased the number of tourists to try fishing.

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The daring Boston, which is known as a host of tea parties and Bunker Hill includes adrenaline through mountain biking and rock crawling. Bostonians are known for spending $ 974 for extreme sports which provide adrenaline, and they are in the second place for that kind of spending money in America.

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