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А Simple Tip That Will Help You Prevent Your Car Windows From Fogging Up

This is one constant problem that many drivers are faced with with, no matter a truck, bus or a car during a wet and rainy weather. But there are several questions that arise from that, how to remove it once it’s there and how to prevent it from happening it again.

The steaming problem arises when there is not enough ventilation, and then you either have to open the window in order air to flow in or turn on the defoggers (that many cars have) or the heat to dry out the air in the inside of the vehicle. You should definitely not try to wipe the steam off the windows, or if you don’t have another solution, try wiping it away with wet towel only, so that you don’t blur the windshields and lower the visibility.


But this cannot be done all the time. You might not have a towel at the time, or defoggers, and what if the weather doesn’t allow it to open the window. That so, you must think of a trick that will work at the time, and prevent your windows from steaming up again next time.

Here is a simple trick you can do it yourself and place in your car to stand there and never worry again if your windshield will blur or not. Believe me, that won’t happen again if you have this item in your car.
All you need is a pair of old socks, but just watch it that there is no hole in either of them. Place some litter inside a sock and fill it until the spot where the ankle should be, and then twist the end of the sock. Place it in the other sock, to assure you that the litter won’t spill over, and twist that end too.
The final step is to place the socks somewhere in the car, either under the driver’s seat or on a visible place near the windshield.

Believe it or not, this will solve all your steaming problems. And this item will become the only thing you’ll need when it comes to solving the fogging up issues.

Check the video for a demonstration how to easily prepare this.

Share it with your friends and help their problems disappear too.


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